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Suede Jacket

by Suede Jacket

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Gone swimming This is as clean as it gets without you I tried to kill it - The greenback inside Coach said it I could learn a lot from just watching TZ But I can't forget it - The way you ride
Wokin´ It 02:03
Cut me a clove because I´m wokin´ it Chronicling the joys of other boys around the way Around the world From the shower I watch him study He rests his head against the wood beam You & I we´re both hydrated In the deep, deep sleep of boys It´s a thud Empty that crisper we are wokin´ it If you wont slay the grape I suppose i´ll have to slip it back into the cabinet From the shower I watch him study Pillow, snap, towel Yum & Rummy I rest myself against the bureau Still got that glint of animal In the deep sleep of boys In the shop I heard the old hit In its day I think I liked it I was standing by the cabinet Watching a crow drink from the drinking fountain
Riggins 02:10
Hiding in the shadow of a green car Looking through the window at the pizzeria Riggins See I don't give a shit Jill - We are what we are.
Many Ropes 03:27
Whipped Swiping under bouncing all the time Curdle me into your old car Was that evil? I suppose I missed it He knows you´re in your jump suite And you know he´s in his long johnnys It´s humid here Take one of these leaves. As I sat clicking beads You hit me round the gob And ran around the block Came back to clean me up The sound of your love Echoing to nothing It's not alright to take your eyes Off the sun rising Up across the ghost town Like we're somewhere else Wont you make a morsel out of me Youth me elementary Bouncing on the vintage couch Slur your words or talk about nothing else You´re letting a draft into my sweat And I´m chilled
March 23rd 01:52
Making sense to him & making sense to her She was my best girl & I loved her out this world But then I changed I broke her heart & buried it deep Told her that i´m only here to sleep If I remember right she threw a shoe at me She totally guilt tripped me & then she said "You have such a funny view of this world Do you think you can do better then me?" I told her that I´d really like to see What was was waiting there for me Now I have a belly & I grab it
You never flew down that route You never tried that tree-lined avenue Did you? I never reached through the sand for you I never pushed that through Duenna I had it locked down But I guess I lost it now Unleavened Unevened by tonight Guess this party's going south Start with what you are not willing to hide In our nightly negotiations I used to could You never blew down that route Down that tree-lined avenue White rainbow Black out in the light Yeah scare yeah Duenna I can't live this down But I can't stop coming around Know this Come back and notice We're only going down
Hit Reverse 00:42
Hit reverse In the old world And carry me Back to the sea Because it's wearing thin This flizz we're in And this fight in the rain Isn't all you can be Standing firm To the new world Moving slow and Looking at me It's an old stare In the cold air You clear the block With a round of shots From the tree
They played the same song every night for years Him and her they had a good try But as doubt crept in and shook them from both sides He said "This is not what I signed up for" Approaching what he´d planned to become He felt a familiar claw clasp on his shoulder. He thought I didn´t know you were into this stuff too It´s kind of strange all of us being back here together Forming a circle with their hands he puked As his ex-lovers boyfriend said "Let´s be best friends forever".
The New Spot 01:26
In the new spot feeling better Pulling out of your port forever Slurping down the roasted beans. Touching my new face Feeling confused Looking at my clothes thinking Hey what´s the news! I´ll just clip this anchor I swear I´ve been blue But really whoda knew.
I didn't notice the music stop I didn't notice the window drop I didn't notice the picture of him Is he smiling at me Or am I smiling at him? Wake in the baking heat Running out of everything That you can do without Waiting and watching the mirror float Out of the window and Over the road Knife in the toaster Toaster in the bath Clarisse started screaming And the hallway went black Because we all want to go back.
Hock up a black lump Don´t go easy on the children It´s the last thing they´re needing Pick off your scab and send it in Well if we get enough bags we´ll begin Helping out the children Because it´s the children who are needing Bags full of scabs sent by single dads Their blood never clots and their bleeding wont stop These single dads have given all they´ve got


Recorded in ´13
Mixed by Ben Churchill
Mastered Dom James
Cover art by Lloyd Bowen, Owen Churchill


released December 14, 2013


all rights reserved



Giant Manilow Records Birmingham, UK

Giant Manilow Records is a record label based in Birmingham (England) and Bergen (Norway) which deals in Vinyl, cds, tapes and downloads.

Previous releases have included singles, EPs and albums from - The Home Stretch, Bryn Bowen,Erik Mowinckel, Greg Bird & Flamingo Flame, The Shalfonts, Vampire Cop, Yellobelly, Shocked Elevator Family and Thee Reverends.
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